Non Profit Capacity Building


Change should be more than just a theory.

How We Can Help

ClimatePath can help you turn your expertise and passion into a force multiplier.  

Business Model Design/Redesign

We work with your team using a business model canvas based method of iterate-test-repeat,  to identify alternative strategies that have external impact and sustainable financials.

Capacity Building for Impact

From plan to action requires the right resources and skills. Services in this area assist in assessing organizational capabilities, developing a plan of action to address gaps, and (in some cases) executing through training and development.  

Employee Engagement and Culture Change  

As you NGO changes and grow, the team needs to change and grow with it. 

  • Assessing employee and executive opinions on internal practices, activity approval rating, and authenticity. 
  • Workshops to solicit bottom up team contribution and voice, shared understanding, and buy-in for new strategies and initiatives.  

Organizational Facilitation (foresight /design thinking) 

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "he who facilitates his own meetings and workshops has a fool for a client." We have deep and extensive experience in facilitating design thinking, scenario planning/foresight, and other sessions.  

Partnerships + Matchmaking

Extra resources for developing and executing on partnerships make for more successful relationships. 

Project Development/Review  

Theory of change metrics, impact assessment,  transparency, and audit/certification.