Sustainability Initiatives - Getting your organization on the right path

How We Can Help

ClimatePath helps organizations of all sizes develop innovative strategies for conservation and impact reduction, performs assessments of employee engagement with CSR activities, plan for a future of growing affluence and constrained resources, and connect to projects that produce verifiable and measurable results. 

Business Model Redesign

We work with your team using a business model canvas based method of iterate-test-repeat,  to identify alternative strategies that have positive financial and external impact.

CSR Strategy and Effectiveness  

Materiality matrices can be a powerful tool for identifying stakeholder issues and leverageable areas for improved impact. But they need to be translated into internal and external initiatives, metrics, and communications.  We can help you aligning what you say both with what you do and what you communicate to your employees and external stakeholders.  

Capacity Building for Impact

From plan to action requires the right resources and skills. Services in this area assist in assessing organizational  capabilities, developing a plan of action to address gaps, and (in some cases) executing through training and development.  

Employee Engagement and Culture Change  

When it comes to effective CSR, the key management issue is customarily seen as one of “engagement”: breakdowns are typically blamed on a disconnect between what company leadership wants, and what employees do. But we have found that employees often rate their own interest in social, ethical, and environmental issues higher than the their employers performance in these areas, and don’t always believe that the firm supports the policies that they publicly stand behind. The same is true of your customers. ClimatePath offers a comprehensive program to put you on the right path to becoming an authentic values-based firm. Including :

  • Surveying/workshopping with employees and executives on internal practices, activity approval rating, and authenticity.
  • Assessing whether reward systems and culture support CSR and ESG activity.

Organizational Facilitation (foresight /design thinking) 

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "he who facilitates his own meetings and workshops has a fool for a client." We have deep and extensive experience in facilitating  design thinking, scenario planning/foresight, and other sessions.  

Partnerships + Matchmaking

Extra resources for developing and executing on partnerships make for more successful relationships. 

Project Funding + Development  

Going green can be golden. Research shows that over 70% of US consumers want to know about the socially responsible behavior of brands they buy, and over half factor this into their purchase decision. But you need to do it right, or the goodwill created by your good intentions can quickly tarnish your reputation instead.  ClimatePath works with a nonprofit partner (ClimatePath Ecologic Fund) to develop and adhere to “high bar” standards for the impact of offsets featured on the site. We also focus on projects with added secondary benefits, so your support can also help save biodiversity, preserve watersheds, assist impoverished communities, and create economic opportunity. Because your support goes through a nonprofit, you can be certain of public benefit.