Embed Change, Not Consultants

Relying on consultants is not sustainable, and not much fun. We're happy to sit down with you to discuss objectives, craft a plan, and build a proposal for how we can help define, jump start, provide guidance, and bring an outside viewpoint to your objectives. But we'll also focus on capacity building - so that the work will continue long after we have completed our engagement.  Please contact us for more information.

Human Centered and Circular Design 

Neither consumers nor businesses place an adequate value on environmental benefits, nor do they fully the consider the environmental costs of current consumption and business practices. This is an unsustainable path, and our mission is to find new solutions that capture the value of conservation, preservation, and healthy ecosystems. We do so through combining design thinking and systems thinking to suggest new methods, solutions, and business models. 

The Right Team for The Job

We have access to a network of designers, facilitators, writers, MBAs, programmers, and on the ground development professionals. If your toolbox  contains hammers, then everything looks like a nail. We prefer to let the opportunity and problem frame drive our toolset for any each project.  

The Art of And

Many solutions—such as smarter/smaller homes, multi-modal mobility, renewable energy, sustainable sourcing — are at odds with societal aspirations.  some of these. According to the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD), middle-class lifestyles have similar footprints, driven by common aspirations: a bigger dwelling, personal mobility, appliances, richer diets, etc.  As income rises, we must redefine what the “good life” is through business models and strategies that support circular design, more efficient products and services, reduced consumption, and innovative methods to deliver more value with less impact.


Transparency drives accountability, authenticity, positive change, and trust. We suggest building it into your efforts - and ours.  

Small Efforts Can Move Mountains

With climate change, the stabilization wedge approach advocated breaking down the problem into a series of smaller actions that together could halt the rise in emissions. This philosophy - focus on progress wherever it is possible, and enlist others to do the same, is a powerful tool for impact.  The best programs start small, recruit partners, inspire others, and scale when it makes sense.