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Avg. Carbon Footprint: 17 tons

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    Why we put you in charge.

    We believe conservation and offsetting are the most immediate solutions to climate change. You can make a difference by minimizing your carbon emissions, and offsetting what you can't reduce. Offsets can support forests, energy efficiency, and other carbon reducing projects that make up for the carbon footprint created by your lifestyle.

    But not all carbon offsets are created equal. Generic or 'blended' offsets lose track of the crucial co-benefits of the projects, can subsidize 'dirty' industries, or lack credible standards.

    Can offsets work? Absolutely.

    In the US, we account for 20% of man made greenhouse gas emissions, with less than 5% of the population. What if the other 95% all lived like we do? Footprint reduction through conservation and smarter consumer choices is critical, but most of us will still be far above a level that is sustainable for the planet. ClimatePath has helped over 100,000 people and businesses create social impact while reducing their ecological footprint.

    Without using offsets, there is no way to close this gap. When done right, offsetting your footprint supports global solutions and real change. The catch is that not all offsets do that.

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